Wearing More Than One Hat

Wow, I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve written here, but I have had a very busy time working on commissioned work. I have been blessed!

Its really difficult sometimes as an artist trying to wear all the hats you must trying to break into the art world. Besides being the designer/artist and painting what you love, you get requests for art by those who want you to paint something specifically for them or someone they would like to gift to. Plus, keeping up with all the social media sites, etc, it can be very time consuming. It would be nice to be able to have someone take care of everything except painting.

So recently I have painted a few dog portraits, a request from an art supporter, and a landscape with a figure and 3 animals. It’s been fun and challenging!

I have also entered some works into art contests, and have donated pieces to some  of my group’s charity events. So I apologize for the long lapse between blog postings. But now I can get back to what I love- painting and sharing!

Here are a few of my recent paintings:

Maine Landscape
Brandy, Florida Gator Fan

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